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Robinson, Edwin Arlington
Miniver Cheevy

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Genre Poem
KeywordsAlcoholism, Drug Addiction, Mental Illness
SummaryMiniver Cheevy was a "child of scorn" who regretted his life in the real world. He loved to dream of the past, especially the glorious and romantic past. He loved abstractions, like Art and Romance, but "cursed the commonplace" of everyday life. He "scorned the gold he sought, / But sore annoyed was he without it . . . . " He couldn't DO anything in the world, so he "called it fate, / And kept on drinking."
CommentaryLike "Richard Cory," this is another of Robinson's poems that sketch a quick, memorable portrait of a person bent on self-destruction.
SourceSelected Poems of Edwin Arlington Robinson
EditorsMorton Dauwen Zabel
Place PublishedLondon
MiscellaneousFirst published: 1910
Annotated by Coulehan, Jack
Date of Entry 06/24/94
Last Revised 01/09/07