Literature Annotations

Brown, Rita Mae
Rubyfruit Jungle

Genre Novel (246 pp.)
KeywordsAdolescence, Adoption, Family Relationships, Individuality, Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Issues, Sexuality
SummaryRubyfruit Jungle is about growing up a lesbian in America. Molly Bolt is adopted by a poor Southern couple, Carrie and Carl, who want a better life for their daughter than they've had. Molly does too, but she has different ideas about how that will unfold. As a child she plays bawdy practical jokes and has sex with her girlfriend in the sixth grade; as one of the most popular girls in high school, she plays heterosexual games but is the lover of the head cheerleader; she is thrown out of college after she is found out to be lovers with her alcoholic heiress roommate. She journeys to New York City, where she waitresses her way through film school, having one adventure after another, armed with startling beauty, wicked wit, and fierce determination to become a great filmmaker.
CommentaryRubyfruit Jungle has been assigned in a literature course that deals with coming-of-age. The book is bawdy, irreverent, very funny, and full of wry observations on heterosexual norms the narrator never quite understands.
Place PublishedNew York
MiscellaneousFirst published: 1973, Daughters Publishing Co.
Annotated by Wear, Delese
Date of Entry 10/12/94
Last Revised 03/05/98