Art Film Literature


Blake, William     Satan Smiting Job with Sore Boils
Gauguin, Paul     Self-Portrait with Halo
Gilbert and George,     The Fundamental Pictures
Moore, Frank     Arena
Salgado, Sebastiao     An Uncertain Grace
Solomon, Rosalind     Portraits in the Time of AIDS


    All About My Mother
    And the Band Played On
    Common Threads
    Dr. Lucille: The Lucille Teasdale Story
    An Early Frost
    Longtime Companion
    Singing Myself a Lullaby


Adair, Gilbert     Buenos Noches, Buenos Aires
Aronson, Louise     A History of the Present Illness
Author 2, Unknown     The Book of Job
Barnard, David, et al.     Crossing Over: Narratives of Palliative Care
Barnes, Peter     Red Noses
Barth, John     On with the Story
Battin, Margaret Pabst     Ending Life: Ethics and the Way We Die
Begley, Louis     As Max Saw It
Belli, A. & Coulehan, J., eds.     Blood and Bone: Poems by Physicians
Bertman, Sandra L.     Facing Death: Images, Insights, and Interventions
Boyle, T. Coraghessan     Juliana Cloth
Brodkey, Harold     Dying: An Update
    This Wild Darkness
Brown, Rebecca     The Gifts of the Body
Bryner, Jeanne     Breathless
Bumbalo, Victor G.     What are Tuesdays Like?
Burack-Weiss, Ann     The Caregiver's Tale: Loss and Renewal in Memoirs of Family Life
Burroughs, Augusten     Dry
Butler, Samuel     Erewhon
Campo, Rafael     The Distant Moon
    The Enemy
    Her Final Show
    The Poetry of Healing
    Towards Curing AIDS
    What the Body Told
Canin, Ethan     Batorsag and Szerelem
Clary, Patrick     Dying for Beginners
Couser, G. Thomas     Recovering Bodies: Illness, Disability, and Life Writing
Cunningham, Michael     The Hours
Dark, Alice Elliott     In the Gloaming
DasGupta, S., & Hurst, M., eds.     Stories of Illness and Healing: Women Write Their Bodies
Dessaix, Robert     Night Letters
Diedrich, Lisa     Treatments: Language, Politics, and the Culture of Illness
Doty, Mark     Atlantis
Dow, Unity     Far and Beyon'
Dreuilhe, Alain Emmanuel     Mortal Embrace
Durant, Penny Raife     When Heroes Die
Farley, Margaret A.     Compassionate Respect: A Feminist Approach to Medical Ethics and Other Questions
Feinberg, Leslie     Stone Butch Blues
Ferro, Robert     Second Son
Fisher, Mary     Angels in Our Midst
Frey, James     My Friend Leonard
Gilbert, Sandra     Death's Door: Modern Dying and the Ways We Grieve
Glass, Julia     Three Junes
Gordimer, Nadine     Get a Life
Gunn, Thom     The Man with Night Sweats
Hacker, Marilyn     Wednesday I.D. Clinic
Hadas, R., ed.     Unending Dialogue: Voices from an AIDS Poetry Workshop
Hawkins, Anne Hunsaker     Reconstructing Illness: Studies in Pathography
    A Small, Good Thing: Stories of Children with HIV and Those Who Care for Them
Hirsch, Edward     And Who Will Look upon Our Testimony
Hoffman, Amy     Hospital Time
Hollinghurst, Alan     The Line of Beauty
Howard, Billy     Epitaphs for the Living: Words and Images in the Time of AIDS
Hutcheon, Linda Hutcheon, Michael     Opera: Desire, Disease, Death
Huyler, Frank     The Laws of Invisible Things
Jones, Alice     The Knot
Jones, Thom     Way Down Deep in the Jungle
Jurecic, Ann     Illness as Narrative
Keizer, Bert     Dancing with Mister D: Notes on Life and Death
Kidder, Tracy     Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure the World
Klass, Perri     Baby Doctor: A Pediatrician's Training
    A Not Entirely Benign Procedure: Four Years as a Medical Student
    Other Women's Children
Klein, M., ed.     Poets for Life: Seventy-Six Poets Respond to AIDS
Kushner, Tony     Angels in America
Lampert, Don     The Life and Art of Elizabeth "Grandma" Layton
Larkin, Joan     Cold River
Layton, Elizabeth     The Life and Art of Elizabeth "Grandma" Layton
Le Carré, John     The Constant Gardener
Levin, Dana     In the Surgical Theatre
Levine, Carol     Living in the Land of Limbo: Fiction and Poetry about Family Caregiving
Mars-Jones, Adam     The Waters of Thirst
Massad, Stewart     The Veteran
Masson, Veneta     Clinician's Guide to the Soul
    Ninth Street Notebook: Voice of a Nurse in the City
Maupin, Armistead     The Night Listener
McCann, Richard     Ghost Letters
    Mother of Sorrows
McHugh, Heather     Unspeakable
    What Hell Is
McNally, Terrence     Lips Together, Teeth Apart
McPherson, Scott     Marvin's Room
Moller, David Wendell     Dancing with Broken Bones: Portraits of Death and Dying Among Inner-City Poor
Monette, Paul     Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir
    Your Sightless Days
Moraga, Cherríe L.     Heroes and Saints
Murphy, T. F. & Poirier, S., eds.     Writing AIDS: Gay Literature, Language, and Analysis
Murray, John F.     Intensive Care: A Doctor's Journal
Myers, K. R., ed.     Illness in the Academy: A Collection of Pathographies by Academics
Nixon, Nicholas     People with AIDS
Nuland, Sherwin B.     How We Die: Reflections on Life's Final Chapter
Ofri, Danielle     Singular Intimacies: On Becoming a Doctor at Bellevue
Pereira, Peter     Saying the World
Peterson, Margaret Kim     Sing Me to Heaven: The Story of a Marriage
Picardie, Ruth     Before I Say Goodbye
Posen, Solomon     The Doctor in Literature: Satisfaction or Resentment?
Price, Reynolds     The Promise of Rest
Rasebotsa, N., Samuelson, M. & Thomas, K., eds.     Nobody Ever Said AIDS: Poems and Stories from Southern Africa
Rich, Susan     The Cartographer's Tongue
Rudd, A. & Taylor, D., eds.     Positive Women: Voices of Women Living with AIDS
Rudnick, Paul     Jeffrey
Sapphire,     Push
Scannell, Kate     Death of the Good Doctor: Lessons from the Heart of the AIDS Epidemic
Selwyn, Peter     Surviving the Fall: The Personal Journey of an AIDS Doctor
Selzer, Richard     Down from Troy
    The Exact Location of the Soul
Shapiro, Johanna     The Inner World of Medical Students: Listening to Their Voices in Poetry
Sod, Ted     Satan and Simon DeSoto
Solomon, Andrew     Far From The Tree
Sontag, Susan     AIDS and Its Metaphors
    The Way We Live Now
Spann, C. & Haag, J., eds.     Blood on the Page: Collected Writings of Sutterwriters
Squiers, Carol     The Body at Risk: Photography of Disorder, Illness, and Healing
St. Andrews, B. A. (Bonnie)     The Healing Muse
Stanford, Ann Folwell     Bodies in a Broken World
Sweet, Victoria     God's Hotel: A Doctor, A Hospital, and a Pilgrimage to the Heart of Medicine
Taylor, Sheila Ortiz     Coachella
Tucker, Neely     Love in the Driest Season
Valdiserri, Ronald O.     Gardening in Clay
Van Duyn, Mona     Tears
Verghese, Abraham     My Own Country: A Doctor's Story of a Town and Its People in the Age of AIDS
Vogel, Paula     The Baltimore Waltz
Walker, S. B. & Roffman, R.D., eds.     Life on the Line
West, Cheryl L.     Before It Hits Home
White, Kelley Jean     Late
Wilson, Lanford     A Poster of the Cosmos
Young, Audrey     What Patients Taught Me