The Viewing Room: Art Annotations with On-Line Art

Bacon, Francis Painting
Bailly, Alice Self-Portrait
Bak, Samuel The Family
The Ghetto
Bartley, Mary Anne Aerobics of the Spirit
Blake, William The Body of Abel Found by Adam and Eve
Satan Smiting Job with Sore Boils
Böcklin, Arnold Island of the Dead
Bruegel the Elder, Pieter The Triumph of Death
Chapman, Jake and Dinos Great Deeds against the Dead
Zygotic Acceleration, Biogenetic, De-Sublimated Libidinal Model (Enlarged x 1000)
Chardin, Jean Baptiste Siméon The Attentive Nurse
Chartran, Theobold Laennec Listening with his Ear Against the Chest of a Patient at the Necker Hospital
Coe, Sue At the Hospice (July 20)
Cole, Thomas Voyage of Life: Childhood/Youth/Manhood/Old Age
Courbet, Gustave A Burial at Ornans
David, Jacques-Louis Death of Marat
The Death of Socrates
Degas, Edgar The Glass of Absinthe
Des Granges, David The Saltonstall Family
Dou, Geritt The Dropsical Woman
The Quack
Dubuffet, Jean A Widow
Duccio di Buoninsegna, Jesus Opens the Eyes of a Man Born Blind
Dürer, Albrecht Christ Among the Doctors
The Fall of Man (Adam and Eve)
'The Temptation of the Idler "
Eakins, Thomas The Agnew Clinic
The Gross Clinic
Euphronios, Death of Sarpedon
Ferguson, Laura The Visible Skeleton Series
Fildes, Sir Luke The Doctor
Flinck, Govaert Vertumnus and Pomona
Garcia, Emanuel E. Aerobics of the Spirit
Gauguin, Paul Self-Portrait with Halo
Spirit of the Dead Watching (Manao tupapau)
Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?
Words of the Devil (Parau na te Varua ino)
Géricault, Théodore The Madman
Gervex, Henri Before the Operation
Ghiralandaio, Domenico An Old Man and His Grandson
Gilbert and George, The Fundamental Pictures
Gorky, Arshile The Artist and His Mother
Gorsline, Douglas Warner Bar Scene
Goya, Francisco Courtyard with Lunatics
De Que Mal Morira? (Of What Illness Will He Die?)
Deaf Man
El sueño de la razon produce monstruos (the sleep of reason brings forth monsters)
Execution of the Defenders of Madrid, 3rd May 1808
Goya Attended by Dr. Arrieta
He Can No Longer at the Age of 98
Las Viejas
Grasset, Eugene-Samuel Morphinomaniac
Greuze, Jean-Baptiste The Paralytic
A Tired Woman with Two Children
The Well-Loved Mother
Hinckley, Robert C. First Operation Under Ether
Hodler, Ferdinand The Dying Valentine Godé-Darel
Hogarth, William Marriage a la Mode (3): The Visit to the Quack Doctor
Hopper, Edward Drug Store
Kahlo, Frida The Broken Column
El suicidio de Dorothy Hale (Suicide of Dorothy Hale)
Frida and the Miscarriage
Henry Ford Hospital
Tree of Hope
Without Hope
Kapoor, Anish Cloud Gate
Kashi, Ed Aging in America
Klimt, Gustav Hope, II
Koch, John Interlude
Layton, Elizabeth The Courtroom
Levin, Meryl Anatomy of Anatomy in Images and Words
Matuschka, Matuschka Archives
Michelangelo, Creation of Adam
Moore, Frank Arena
Munch, Edvard The Dance of Life
The Dead Mother
Death in the Sickroom (Ein Tod)
The Scream
Self-Portrait: Between the Clock and the Bed
The Sick Child
Murakami, Takashi Inochi
Neel, Alice City Hospital
Investigation of Poverty, Russell Sage Foundation
T.B., Harlem
Well Baby Clinic
Picasso, Pablo Guernica
The Old Guitarist (The Blind Guitarist)
Science and Charity
The Tragedy
Pope, Robert Illness and Healing: Images of Cancer
Potter, P. & Drotman, D.P., eds. Emerging Infectious Diseases cover art
Quinn, Marc Alison Lapper Pregnant
Rockwell, Norman Percevel Before the Shot
Doctor and Doll
Ryder, Albert Pinkham The Race Track or Death on a Pale Horse
Sargent, John Singer Gassed
Scherer, Deidre Surrounded by Family and Friends
Seligmann, Adelbert F. Theodor Billroth Operating
Sickert, Walter Richard Ennui
Sigler, Hollis 'Hoping to Bring Her Life Together...It's Not Hard, It Just Takes Time"
To Kiss the Spirits: Now, This Is What It Is Really Like
Simberg, Hugo The Garden of Death
Simpson, Lorna Wigs
Solomon, Rosalind Portraits in the Time of AIDS
Steen, Jan The Doctor's Visit
Sugimoto, Henry Jerome Camp
Nisei Babies in Concentration Camp
Reverend Yamazaki Was Beaten in Camp Jerome
Send Off Husband at Jerome Camp
When Can We Go Home?
Titian (Tiziano Veccellio), Three Ages of Man
Tooker, George The Waiting Room
Valadon, Suzanne The Abandoned Doll
Van Gogh, Vincent A Corridor in the Asylum
Dr. Gachet (Man with a Pipe)
Portrait of Dr. Gachet
Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear
Van Rijn, Rembrandt Harmenszoon The Anatomy Lesson of Nicolaes Tulp
Jacob Blessing the Sons of Joseph
Warhol, Andy Red Disaster (one of two panels)
Wiertz, Antoine Two Young Girls or the Beautiful Rosine
Willing, Victor Self-portrait at 70
Winokur, Julie Aging in America
Worsham, Erin Brady Breathtaking Metamorphosis
Mind, Body, Spirit

Literature Annotations with On-Line Art

B., David Epileptic
Bertman, Sandra L. Facing Death: Images, Insights, and Interventions
Bertman, Sandra L. One Breath Apart: Facing Dissection
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Crandall, Walter H. and Crandall, Rob Borders of Time: Life in a Nursing Home
Downie, R. S. (Robert Silcock), ed. The Healing Arts
Emery, Alan E.H. Medicine and Art
Fisher, Mary Angels in Our Midst
Freeman, Jerome W. Starting from Here: Dakota Poetry, Pottery, and Caring
Goldstein, Barry M. Being There: Medical Student Morgue Volunteers Following 9-11--Portraits and Interviews
Graham-Pole, John Quick: A Pediatrician's Illustrated Poetry
Hansen, Julie V. and Porter, Suzanne The Physician's Art: Representations of Art and Medicine
Hansen, Bert Picturing Medical Progress from Pasteur to Polio: A History of Mass Media Images and Popular Attitudes in America
Howard, Billy Epitaphs for the Living: Words and Images in the Time of AIDS
Lampert, Don and Layton, Elizabeth The Life and Art of Elizabeth "Grandma" Layton
Macaulay, David The Way We Work: Getting to Know the Amazing Human Body
MacGregor, John Monroe The Discovery of the Art of the Insane
Murray, T. Jock Reflections: Illness and Healing. The Art of Robert Pope
Myers, Art Winged Victory, Altered Images: Transcending Breast Cancer
Newman, Karen Fetal Positions: Individualism, Science, Visuality
Nixon, Nicholas People with AIDS
Nuland, Sherwin B. Medicine: The Art of Healing
Spence, Wayman and Perez, Jose Perez on Medicine: The Whimsical Art of Jose Perez
Polacco, Patricia The Keeping Quilt
Pope, Robert Illness and Healing: Images of Cancer
Rosen, David and Weishaus, Joel The Healing Spirit of Haiku
Rothman, D. J.,et al., eds. Medicine and Western Civilization
Schneiderman, Henry Father, Doctor, and the Great City: Poems and Drawings 1964-2003
Small, David Stitches
Squiers, Carol The Body at Risk: Photography of Disorder, Illness, and Healing
Williams, Guy The Age of Agony: The Art of Healing, 1700-1800
Williams, Guy The Age of Miracles: Medicine and Surgery in the Nineteenth Century
Yang, Belle Baba: A Return to China Upon My Father's Shoulders
Zwerdling, Michael Postcards of Nursing: A Worldwide Tribute